Tati Westbrook is back again.

The 39-year-previous YouTube natural beauty guru returned to the platform one particular yr after having included in a large controversy involving the attractiveness neighborhood and influencers which includes Jeffree Star and James Charles.

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“I considered about this for so prolonged, and I’m seriously excited that I’m even just sitting down down and filming,” she explained.

“Many of you want answers about selected items that have been splattered over the Internet,” she continued.

“I’m gonna start out initially with reminding you of my incredibly productive very last movie,” she stated sarcastically.

“That was a terrible time in my lifestyle. I was so tremendous pressured out…that previous celebration that seems to want to adhere to me almost everywhere I go. I do not want to discuss about. I will allow you fellas know…when I pulled back, I stopped interaction with everyone in the magnificence community.”

“There’s no litigation. No stop and desist. Almost nothing either way in that celebration, if you will. Legal issues took place. Just not in the I-really don’t-wanna-converse-about-it occasion,” she continued.

She also revealed that she was becoming relentlessly harassed and sent several loss of life threats in excess of the previous spring and summer season.

She also confirmed anything that surfaced on-line previous November: she is going via litigation soon after remaining accused of fraud by her company companion.

“There was no way that I could just appear again on-line and commence reviewing makeup and advertising and marketing Halo Splendor although there’s this massive lawsuit thrown all over the Internet…I wanted to hold out until eventually the storm calmed to be able to come again and write-up once more,” she spelled out.

She also claimed the small business partner was feeding details to YouTube drama channels. She revealed she marketed her household in LA and downsized her life style in a major way to proceed with the expensive litigation.

“I’d appreciate your prayers over it,” she extra.

She also disclosed that she and her spouse nearly received divorced amid the drama: “James and I pretty much got divorced. He got his have position. We were being separated all through the holidays,” she admitted, likening her lifestyle to a Life time motion picture.

“I did not believe we have been gonna perform it out. I imagined there was no hope. I took my marriage ceremony ring off,” she exposed. “It was a tough and lonely getaway season.”

She also discovered she may have unintentionally donated her wedding ring in the move.

“I have my partner again, and that is better…and that truly is a miracle.”

“P.S. Not expecting,” she additional. “I would love that. That was not my journey over the last yr. Nevertheless, I did find out so numerous wonderful lessons…it ended up currently being the most supernatural calendar year of my existence.”

She also spoke about her faith and spirituality, and getting her strength in prayer, as properly as putting in a quite earnest request for people to halt looking at her tarot playing cards without her authorization for readings.

“Moving forward, you are likely to see a different version of me on line,” she promised.

Jeffree Star lately introduced a massive improve in his daily life.