Ponder Female 3 is continue to in the designs at Warner Brothers, as the studio is aiming to comply with up Speculate Female and Wonder Girl 1984 with Gal Gadot returning to the titular function less than the course of Patty Jenkins. The current position of the project is unknown as it has no release day. Gadot and Jenkins will the two make their Cleopatra film just before Jenkins goes on to immediate a Star Wars movie in the type of Rogue Squadron. At that point, the runway will be very clear for Wonder Lady 3 to choose off. Although chatting to ComicBook.com in an distinctive interview supplementing coverage of our time on the set of The Suicide Squad, Speculate Woman producer Charles Roven had tiny to say about Surprise Girl 3.

“We are commencing to set something together,” Roven claimed of Question Girl 3. “We are relocating in a course. It is certainly anything we are heading to want to notice.” Roven beforehand made DC movies Male of Steel, Batman v Superman, Justice League, Suicide Squad, Surprise Girl, and Marvel Lady 1984. He also made Batman Begins and The Dim Knight prior to the DCEU’s 2013 launch.

“I’m only hooked up to everything that is spun off of Guy of Metal,” Roven spelled out. “So at the time Henry Cavill is no for a longer time a element of Superman, then I am not hooked up to Superman.” This implies Roven is not hooked up to the new Superman task coming from JJ Abrams. Roven does believe that the movie franchises can let for various versions of Superman to co-exist, equivalent to how there will before long be Michael Keaton, Ben Affleck, and Robert Pattinson taking part in Batman in two various and unrelated movies.

“If they’re likely to go along with a filmmaker’s eyesight, you have to allow for for a number of visions,” Roven mentioned. “You won’t be able to have it any other way. Not everybody’s going to believe alike. And so I consider if someone brought them a cohesive eyesight, it can be my knowing, and I could be erroneous due to the fact I have not read the script or whichever, but even in The Flash detail that supposedly has many Batman’s, it does have somewhat of a cohesive vision to the universe which is been made considering the fact that Ezra has been participating in The Flash. And so, they’re not expressing in no way to anything and I like that. It really is got to function. You know what I’m saying? It truly is got to work. You received to be in a position to really say, here is what I’m really heading to deliver and then it can be bought to operate.”

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