Joyful Saturday, friend. I hope your weekend is off to a excellent start off.

I ordinarily choose building cookies from scratch (it’s tastier and more pleasurable), but I couldn’t resist these premade Lisa Frank unicorn sugar cookies I observed at Tar-ghay. A buddy from my bakery days despatched me a concept indicating these reminded her of me, so of study course I had to grab a box!

Query for ya. Do you know your unicorn identify? If you really don’t, here’s a handy dandy chart for your edification!

Mine is Diamond Shimmer. Yup, that math checks out. Ha ha ha!

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Re: Purple gentle remedy.
Take note to self.
How prolonged does it get just before skin care actually performs? at?v=OUx6ZY60uiI
Saturday early morning tunes. at?v=-10NrMDgVfM
I’m heading to grab that Versed Retinol ASAP!
Ok, now it is time to dance…

What are your ideas for the weekend? Other than the regular doing the job out, tidying my home and hanging with my fam-bam, I’m going to get ready for two interviews I have upcoming Wednesday. I’m also creating a Filipino custard dessert identified as leche flan.

I acquired these person ramekins so I could steam them on the stove. Aren’t they lovable?

Here’s my improv steam setup is heading to appear like!

I really don’t what it is about bowls that can in good shape in the palm of your hand, but I just adore ’em.

Enjoy the relaxation of your day, and have a great weekend!

Your friendly neighborhood elegance addict,