Dear ABBY: I imagine you missed an essential thought in your March 25 tips to the widower who had experienced prostate surgical treatment and was fearful to convey to a prospective girlfriend he could not have sex.

My partner and I are in our 60s and he has a very similar problem. But we have come to be innovative, and our sex everyday living is greater than it was when we have been younger. Penetration is not the only way to share sexual intimacy. In truth, it is overrated.

The only limitation on lifelong sexual fulfillment is your very own creativity and inventiveness. Certainly, “Going Forward in Virginia” may well want to settle for a sexless companionship with his new enjoy, but he confident does not have to. — Is aware of IN WEST VIRGINIA

Expensive Is aware: Numerous viewers wrote to me expressing your sentiments. Others shared achievable health care methods for working with impotence. Irrespective of the intimate character of the matter, they were being generous in presenting assist to “Going Ahead.” Read on:

Dear ABBY: “Going Forward” should really consult with a urologist about his situation. Especially, he must talk to the urologist if a prescription for Tri-Mix would be ideal. It’s a compound of a few parts that enables an particular person with ED resulting from a prostatectomy to engage in typical sexual relations. It’s shipped through a self-administered injection. The urologist will instruct “GF” how to do it.

I had a prostatectomy 12 a long time back and knowledgeable ED as a outcome. I have been employing Tri-Combine given that then, and I’m content to say I have continued to take pleasure in a normal actual physical connection with my wife. — TOM IN FLORIDA

Expensive ABBY: An inflatable implant could be the solution for “Going Forward.” If he is in typically excellent health and fitness, he may well be a good applicant for this treatment, which is not viewed as big surgical treatment and is lined by some insurance plan procedures, like Medicare. The implant is the best factor due to the fact sliced bread. My wife and I know since I have just one. There is some discomfort in the course of restoration, but it is SO value it. “Going Forward” ought to have a discussion with his doctor, who ought to have currently told him about this solution. — TESTIFYING IN SOUTH CAROLINA

Dear ABBY: I have a friend who insists on bringing food items any time I invite her about for an celebration (birthday get together, Thanksgiving, and so on.). It doesn’t make a difference what she cooks, Abby, it’s generally awful. Anyone tries regardless of what it is she designed, but then spits it out. I never want to damage her inner thoughts, but I really don’t want her to provide everything at any time once again that is not retailer-acquired. How can I convey to her tactfully? — REPULSED IN VIRGINIA

Dear REPULSED: Tell your generous buddy that you take pleasure in the considered behind what she has been undertaking, but when you invite company above YOUR MENU IS Currently Set. She is the kind of “helpful” guest who should really be “commissioned” to convey a retail store-bought beverage, dinner rolls or napkins.

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