When it arrives to catching a bald eagle, you need to have a lot expertise and even a lot more patience.

Which is how State Wildlife Officer Chad Grote was capable to properly catch a woman bald eagle in the village of Centerville around Environmentally friendly Camp and Essex after finding she had been hurt in the wild. The effort to do so arrived soon after Grote was informed by the Marion County Sheriff’s Office environment that a caller noticed the eagle having difficulties to fly and was involved about her health.

Grote, who is assigned to Marion, mentioned catching bald eagles is dangerous due to their sharp talons and large pointed beaks. To make guaranteed issues went prosperous, he identified as in extra aid from Maurice Irish, a Condition Wildlife Officer assigned to Delaware County.

With big leather-based gloves on just about every of their arms and a huge net cast in the location, the two worked together to seize the bald eagle. And as soon as she was caught, they found the eagle was at minimum 30-decades-old thanks to a metallic banding that was positioned on her foot again in 1993.

An up close shot of the bald eagles talons show the banding that was added nearly 27 years ago to help track the bald eagle population in Ohio. Additionally, this photo really shows how dangerous bald eagle talons can be; they are large and extremely sharp.

Grote claimed they began evaluating the eagle for damages and identified her wings ended up nutritious and properly working. Sooner or later, they observed 1 of the eagle’s eyes and 1 of her toes experienced been hurt. Barbara Ray, of Crow’s Hollow Wildlife Care in Richwood, reported it appears the bald eagle had a large fishing hook get stuck onto her foot and she injured her eyelid although hoping to remove it.