A new experience.

Creating on a new web-site.

Hoping to carry together my aged good friends.

And make some new kinds.

Karen Ruth Shock.

Additional my middle title because Kev suggests it sounds cooler.

Kev is my husband of 28.5 years.

He’s authentic cute.

Extra on that later.

I’m a momma of 4 grown kids.

They are all cute as very well.

Look like their father of class.

I homeschooled them for 20 a long time.

Never allow that idiot ya.

I was and continue to am a homeschool misfit.

Heaps of stories on this as effectively.

Alongside with the nervousness and melancholy.

Not genuinely feeling like I fit it any place.

Oh, and then there is the total “trying to be a submissive, light, and tranquil spouse.


I giggle as I style.

At age 51 I believe I could possibly be settling in to who God built me to be.

Which ironically is a individual who asks tons of queries about who God truly is.

I used to anxiety those people concerns.

Worried of what the “church” may possibly assume of me.

Concerned of currently being way too perilous.

Let’s not scare the youthful kinds.

So I saved silent.

Until finally I couldn’t anymore.

My religion has progressed.

God has stayed the same.

I’m just progressing in my information of who our God is.

My wander with Jesus acquired genuine difficult there for awhile.

Lot’s of systematic theology.

Textbooks and podcasts by a whole large amount of older, white gentlemen.

Looking at God as an previous professor in the sky.

Hoping I was hanging out with the right study team.

Believing that what I considered about God was what was most significant.

An “A” for figuring out the 5 details of Calvinism.

And I understood individuals infants.

All five of them.

Which produced terrified of what would essentially occur to babies when they died.

So I questioned questions.

I questioned those people factors.

And a total whole lot of other factors as very well.

So the leaders received terrified.


Preserve those people inquiries to yourself.

So there I was.

Wanting out my bedroom window at evening and wondering if this God even existed.

My Globe began to crash all-around me.

The basis started to crumble.

Not Jesus.

Hardly ever Jesus.

Additional so the regulations and laws that man had produced about him.

Allow me be distinct.

No-1 pushed me this way.

Rob Bell hardly ever led me astray.

He was actually one who helped me maintain on.

Or see that God was nonetheless holding on to me.

My momma believed in a Jesus that was so pretty genuine to her.


And actual.

I used to surprise if she was even a “christian” mainly because she did not know the Bible like we did.

I have numerous tales about her as well.

A lovely soul.

Who knew Jesus well.

Not the professor God in the sky.

The one who resides inside of of us.

Comforts us.

Enjoys us.

And life by means of us.

Jesus informed the pharisees they were being hunting in the completely wrong area.

They understood those scriptures by heart.

And nevertheless?

They could not even realize their savior when he was standing ideal in front of them.

Oh, how I’m studying to see him.

Proper in entrance of me.

Proper there within of me.

Those pharisees?

They could have used a minor development.

Never ya think?

So right here we are.

On a journey.

To know and be recognised.

To experience so not by yourself.

Let’s wander collectively.

Let’s keep leaning in.

Loving just one one more.

Sharing the great, the bad, and the unappealing.

This Planet we are residing in is difficult.

And pretending to have it all with each other?

What’s the stage?

If we do that?


Then we can under no circumstances really know if we are cherished.

By God or by just one yet another.


Let us do this.

Let us have a blog site.


Karen R Shock resides in Fort Wayne, IN with her husband and their youngest son. She had a few far more children who are married and 4 wonderful grandchildren. Oh, and a doggy identify JT Barrett (Go Bucks). She is a retired homeschool mom and is now a higher college teacher and cheer coach. Lifestyle is challenging, but enjoyment.

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