Now, he is arrived at over 200 days of his “No Outfit Two times” venture. The Rochester General public Library Circulation Companies manager, who also assisted at the City’s Working day Center and Emergency Operations Heart through the pandemic, has used the venture and his outfits as a way to provide positivity, and even support many others, throughout a tumultuous time.

We caught up with him on working day 218, outfit 220 (a Captain The united states T-shirt and crimson plaid shorts).

This discussion has been edited and condensed.

Q: Notify me about No Outfit 2 times.

I’ve normally had a lot of outfits. My friends in school made use of to make pleasurable of me, because I would just take up tons of washers and dryers whenever I did my laundry. And my spouse has sort of been teasing me since I am generally acquiring new dresses. She claimed, “Why don’t you wear almost everything you possess before you get anything at all new?” So I resolved to do that. COVID has been a imaginative drought for me. I just you should not have a great deal resourceful electricity correct now. This was a great innovative outlet that met me where I was at.

Photographs by Joe Ahlquist / [email protected]

Q: You have also included a charitable lead to into this, making an attempt to get a van for Corey Jacob.

Corey Jacob is a gentleman experiencing homelessness. I set up a GoFundMe a even though in the past, and I’m just making an attempt to get some more eyes on it so we can make that take place for Corey. If we get some income together, it’s possible he’d be intrigued in talking about other possibilities, but for now, we are attempting to get him a new van that he can customise so he can create a more livable circumstance for himself.

Q: As of nowadays, you have reached 220 outfits. That usually takes a lot of clothes. How did you amass this selection? Are you a thrifter? A retail treatment man or woman?

I’m a retail treatment individual, initially and foremost. I’m also a fairly big thrifter. That jolt of endorphins when you get something new and you can not wait to test it on, that is what I am all about. A loved ones of four could dwell in our house really easily, but it can be just me and my spouse, and pretty much all the apparel are mine.

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Q: How do you prepare your outfit each working day?

I’ve worn all my pants, so correct now, I’m down to genuinely just T-shirts. I only have 14 still left as of nowadays, so I just rummage all-around in the drawer, attempt not to appear, and just randomly decide on a T-shirt. Then I check out to make something that will work with it.

Q: What’s up coming soon after outfit 234?

My future job after I complete this is to consider to get down to 100 outfits that I definitely like. Then I’m going to see if I can get down even even further to 50 or 60 outfits that I actually, definitely appreciate donning.

The moment I’m accomplished, I am going to place a lot more power into promoting and donating, but you can find some issues that I’ll just have to toss out. I have a single shirt I can see straight as a result of, so nobody’s going to want that. Which is the other detail — I you should not throw something absent, really, and I really don’t give stuff absent as substantially as I really should, so my collection has been amassing above years and decades.

At the very least 50 % [the money from selling] will go to the GoFundMe for Corey. I also have to have a new dishwasher. But at the very least 50 percent will go to Corey, and if I get a new dishwasher ahead of then, I may well just donate all of it to Corey’s GoFundMe.

Andy Stehr hasn't worn the same outfit twice since Nov. 16, 2020, which is more than 220 days. Stehr is photographed at his home Friday, June 25, 2021, in Rochester. (Joe Ahlquist /

Andy Stehr hasn’t worn the exact outfit 2 times since Nov. 16, 2020, which is a lot more than 220 days. Stehr is photographed at his residence Friday, June 25, 2021, in Rochester. (Joe Ahlquist / [email protected])

Q: Do you have a most loved outfit?

I’m saving a single of my favorites for the very last working day. I have this shirt with cats all around it, actually brightly colored neon cats. So the previous outfit on the past working day will be that shirt, and I have a pair of velvet tuxedo pants. I am hoping it really is not like 90 degrees on the working day I put on the velvet pants, mainly because I assume I’ll melt.

Q: You have a exceptional way of dressing — lots of graphic tees and brilliant shades, even some bow ties. Do you experience like you contrast a lot of the downtown staff?

It’s definitely great when I am strolling to get espresso in the early morning or anything, and I will see a incredibly dressed-up particular person who possibly works at Mayo, and they won’t be able to enable but to smile at what I’m donning they’re striving to existing that qualified attitude, but they just are not able to assistance it. That’s my preferred.

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