The Summertime Solstice may perhaps be in June, but for us New Englanders it is July when summer season actually begins. The warmth of the season attracts me outdoors to the prosperity of elegance ideal out my doorstep. Below is what I’ve been looking at so considerably and what I’ll be looking for as we slide toward the “dog days of August.”

New birds look to be all over the place. Fledgling robins, bluebirds and cardinals have mastered the artwork of traveling. Although they don’t have the stunning plumage of their mom and dad, the sight of them is a splendor to behold. They join their mom and dad in teams in our trees, begging for food items. Some are even bold enough to be a part of their moms and dads at the feeder.

It only normally takes these smaller songbirds a number of months to shift from hatch to fledge, however, bald eagles just take months. In our area bald eagle chicks hatch between mid-March and mid-April, and by the time July rolls all around they have mostly taken wing and remaining the nest.