It was an eagle. There was no question about that. I next-guessed myself only for a 2nd for the reason that of in which the sighting took location.

It was not on a distant lake in northern New England or on a person of the islands in Lengthy Island Seem. It was appropriate along a freeway.

We are all applied to looking at hawks perched alongside the highway. In actuality, when I travel to Pennsylvania a pair of times a 12 months to visit loved ones, I make it a issue to rely the range of red-tailed hawks I see perched in trees along Route 86. It is commonly in between 10 and 15. Hey, it passes the time on a lengthy push.

I noticed from significantly absent as I approached the scene that there was a fowl perched in a tree overhanging a somewhat fast paced point out freeway. Even from a important distance, I could inform it was not a hawk. The only issue was whether or not it was an eagle or a vulture. It did not have the posture of a vulture, but instead the regal stance of an eagle.

As I drove up to the chook, I could see that it was an immature bald eagle. It was almost certainly about 2 decades aged. Bald eagles do not get their signature white feathers on their heads and tails until they are four or five. It was massive like an eagle, but not massive. That potential customers me to consider that it was a male bald eagle as feminine eagles, like most birds of prey, are much larger.

The snag the eagle was perched on is close to a smaller pond and the eagle kept a near appear at the drinking water and pond edges. The pond is so smaller, in point, that I’m not certain what the eagle was seeking for. The pond likely does not keep quite a few significant fish and there were surely no ducks that the eagle could go just after. No matter of its motives for finding that perch that morning, I was joyful for it. As luck would have it, there is a compact pull-off large ample for one car close to the pond. The eagle was not distracted by my truck pulling in or by the window going down. I snapped a couple of photographs from the driver’s seat and headed back again on my way to work. Not a poor way to get started the working day.

It was likely my next most surprising eagle sighting. The very first 1 happened about 4 a long time in the past when I noticed an immature eagle perched in a snag in a swamp sandwiched in between a significant purchasing mall and a six-lane interstate freeway.

Many years in the past, eagle sightings were being uncommon adequate that there is no way I would have viewed them in these configurations. Now they are getting extra commonplace. Eagles, identical to ospreys, have designed a pleasant comeback in current many years. Osprey, of system, are substantially a lot more abundant, but eagles look to be receiving there as nicely.

Eagle populace quantities in New Hampshire echo that of incredibly optimistic developments in the course of New England, and the country, for that issue. Hopefully, this development continues. It is pleasant to see our countrywide image flourishing.