What do you give the male who has anything for his 80th birthday? 

A puppy. And a really hard-to-get Bentley convertible.

Which is what awaited a shocked Bob Kraft when he awoke on his birthday previous week.

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The dog, a present from Hollywood bigshot Ari Emanuel, is a shih-poo, a hybrid of a shih tzu and a toy poodle with a existence expectancy of 10-15 several years.

Thoroughly appropriate gift for an 80-calendar year-aged, correct?

The Bentley convertible — very exceptional and unattainable to acquire even at its hefty MSRP — was a surprise reward from Meek Mill, Jay-Z and 76ers husband or wife Michel Rubin, who joked that Kraft wouldn’t buy the automobile for himself since he he dropped a fortune on his Southampton residence. 

Meek Mill posted an Instagram image of the surprised Kraft.

Of program, a pleasant doormat for that new property would have been another gift chance. 

But the car or truck is greater. A lot.


Totally Frank: The finest cause to dangle all-around city in the waning days of the year is that it is really always somebody’s birthday, which signifies a party.

Frank Orenstein is one of individuals springtime toddlers. And to rejoice, his main squeeze Gail Truly worth gathered up a handful of dozen of his nearest and dearest for a birthday supper celebration at Club Colette. 

Gail Worth, Frank Orenstein and Andrew Orenstein at Club Colette

There have been cocktails, heaps of chat about vaccines (a number of individuals even pulled out their vax card and waved it around like it was a royal warrant), a evening meal featuring the club’s signature rack of lamb, Wayne Hosford at the piano and a birthday cake with a lot of candles. 

We can not tell you how outdated Frank is due to the fact he is Canadian, so the candles were metric. Never been equipped to figure that out.