Bounce rings are a necessity for jewelry producing. Bounce rings are employed to hang pendants, be part of components and connect findings this sort of as clasps and earring wires. Possessing a variety of soar rings on hand can signify the difference amongst finishing a jewelry venture or waiting around for materials to be sent.

Jewelry making tools used to make jump rings

No matter how many sorts, kinds and dimensions of leap rings I have on hand, there are often occasions I are unable to find the bounce rings that I need.

So, the concern is, do you acquire much more jump rings or really should you learn how to make your have soar rings?

The kinds of bounce rings you will need may differ for every single jewelry maker and no matter whether they make beadwork or wire jewellery. In common, you most likely will need leap rings created with distinctive gauges of wire, distinctive diameter rings and, of course, unique metals (or colours). Bounce rings also occur in different styles, whilst circular and oval are the most common. 

Assortment of packages of jump rings

In advance of I leap into the details of how to make jump rings, I ought to permit you know that I have constantly been firmly in favor of obtaining high-quality jump rings. Even however soar rings don’t typically stand out in your jewelry style, if they are poorly produced, you danger shedding the jewelry when the bounce ring will not continue to be closed. In normal, I have thought the pocket transform that you invest for each and every bounce ring is worthy of the investment decision.

Practically nothing has significantly transformed my mind about the positive aspects of obtaining bounce rings, but as I pointed out, there are also many situations I just cannot obtain the ones that I need to have. In all those instances, if I can make excellent top quality soar rings relatively effortlessly, I believe it is time well spent. Particularly if it signifies the distinction concerning finishing a project or obtaining to wait. For my skill level, I attempted two ways to make bounce rings.

The two alternatives on how to make bounce rings are:

  • earning a wire coil and reducing the soar rings with wire cutters
  • creating a wire coil, holding it with BeadSmith coil cutting pliers and reducing soar rings with a jewellery earning noticed

Beginning from the starting, the steps to creating bounce rings are:

  • come to a decision on the wire gauge and variety of wire to use
  • make a coil of wire on a mandrel with the diameter of the bounce ring you want (interior diameter)
  • slash aside the soar rings
  • deburr, perform harden and polish the jump rings as wanted
You might presently have heaps of issues about the to start with two bullet details. What gauge wire must your use? What sizing coil need to you make? I earlier wrote a very in depth short article about How to Choose and Use Leap Rings for The Spruce Crafts. I consider it could assist answer some questions.

For me, the most handy soar rings for creating jewellery are created from 

  • 18 gauge wire = large leap rings
  • 20 gauge wire = regular or average excess weight leap rings
  • 22 gauge wire = light-weight fat leap rings

I ordinarily use soar rings with an internal diameter among 3-5 mm. Bigger gauge wire is used for lesser dimension bounce rings, usually they usually are not sturdy adequate.

I believe the usual beginner system to slice jump rings is to use wire cutters, so I will deal with that initially. 

tools to make jump rings with wire cutters

The resources and instruments you will need are:

(The links in the materials/applications section are affiliate backlinks to Amazon. I may perhaps get a compact fee at no price tag to you if you order utilizing one particular of these links)

For this leap ring venture, I have nearly built it a unusual competition. I begin with the identical sizing and variety wire coils, make bounce rings employing just about every system and then compare the outcomes. I guess it aids me evaluate which a person is simpler, more rapidly, better, extra effective, and many others.

making a wire coil on 6 step mandrel pliers

The 1st stage, make a coil of wire in the measurement and type of wire for your soar rings. I utilised the six step mandrel pliers and coil in direction of the handles so I don’t run out of home.

4 wire coils for jewelry making

I begun with about 6 inches of wire for every single coil, one particular is 18 gauge copper, the other is 20 gauge jeweler’s brass. The copper coil is wound on a 5mm mandrel and the brass wire is coiled on a 4mm mandrel.

cutting a wire coil to make jump rings

Slash the 1st edge of the wire leaving the flush cut on the coil side.

cutting a wire coil to make jump rings

Turn your wire cutters and line them up behind the initially cut so you can cut a whole soar ring. Test to maintain every little thing so the leap rings or cut ends will not fly.

Repeat until finally you’ve got slice the full coil.

What you can’t see in the video clip earlier mentioned is really the amusing section of me turning the wire cutters like I am a gun slinger from the west. They’re flipping like crazy in in between cuts.

brass jump rings made with wire cutter

Below are the 20 gauge brass rings that I minimize in the online video soon after I shut them. Most are round and close nicely. They could use a tumble or heading around with steel wool or even a sprucing pad or  buffer to thoroughly clean up some burrs. 

brass jump ring close up view

Here’s a near up of the lower edges. They’re pretty good.

Now for the other possibility to make jump rings by working with a jeweler’s noticed and the BeadSmith soar ring device – which was a total experiment for me. 

Really each have been an experiment, if I am sincere, but I have not applied my jewelry noticed in a looong time, so this was definitely a stretch for me. 

tools to make jump rings with jump ring tool and saw

In this article are the components for the next spherical of earning leap rings. 

*Exact same disclaimer that the inbound links higher than are from Amazon and could outcome in change in my pocket at no price to you.

Here’s a fast around perspective of the soar ring instrument.

jump ring tool with wire coil in jaws

It is created like pliers, so the jaws open and shut, but the jaws are utilised to keep the coil of wire for earning the leap rings. 

It has a pin attached inside the jaws that continue to keep the coil aligned with slits which is wherever the saw blade goes via to reduce the coil. 

The pin protrudes out the again of the pliers and is utilized to prop up or relaxation the pliers while you are sawing. The slits are on the two sides of the plier, but you are genuinely only sawing down the rings on a person aspect.

jump ring tool with wire coil in jaws

This is the copper coil loaded and completely ready for the lubricated noticed blade.  

using saw to cut jump rings from coil held by jump ring tool

In this article, the observed blade is in position, but you can most likely see if I do not angle the blade, I am going to get a bunch of 50 percent circles rather of circles. So, the entrance of the noticed blade is touching the coil and the back again is angled bigger to stay away from chopping it.

coil with partially cut jump rings

A constant trouble that I had was the coil dragging ahead in the jaws all through the slicing procedure.  This messes up the rings and the coil and was disheartening. I assume this is section of the mastering curve and has enhanced based mostly on how I angle my noticed and the pliers, but I’ve killed very a couple of coils.

If you watch the movie earlier mentioned, it shows 1 of the methods I solved the coil crunching was by angling the jump ring resource absent from me, so the sawing movement pulls the coil towards the resource rather of out of it.

jump rings and debris from jump ring tool/saw

For case in point, here’s the stop results from the copper coil. A handful of good bounce rings and a blob of coil remnant.

jump rings and debris from jump ring tool/saw

I tended to do better with a smaller sized diameter coil, so the brass gave me a handful of more jump rings and considerably less waste.

jump ring close up

The high quality of the rings, when they convert out, is genuinely very high. They be a part of properly and have some burrs, but they are quick to brush off.

jump ring comparison using wire cutter vs saw

I did say this was a quasi competition, so right here are the outcomes. The wire cutter rings are on the left, the noticed and coil holder are on the appropriate.

Making soar rings with excellent wire cutters is so significantly less complicated, with much less mess and with equivalent excellent, that I’m not guaranteed I will ever use the BeadSmith soar ring software once again (other than to verify to myself I fully grasp how to use it). I acquired 50% a lot less copper rings using the noticed method (and I know I cheated and cut just one of them). 

Apart from finding my arms filthy with some applications I have not made use of in ages, I did refresh some outdated techniques and discover that I will make leap rings employing my wire cutters in the future. Not always, but if I want something and won’t be able to obtain it in my stash and you should not want to wait. 

I may well also change my tips to rookie wire jewellery makers that they should really check out to make their possess leap rings, as an alternative of saying it truly is just not value it.  But I will increase the caveat to make certain the excellent of their handmade jump rings is very good considering that their jewellery is dependent on it.